“Dissection of a Storm”, a short film drama that has recently been qualified for the 84th Oscar Academy Awards.

Based on the novel “Dissection of a Storm” by Menchu Gutiérrez, published by Siruela.

A woman called D, seeks shelter from a tormenting past in a sanatorium in the middle of the mountains. The obsession she runs away from is death. But death has taken for her an unusual shape: her own hair.
In the sanatorium she will get to know the Director and the other patients who all share the same obsession for hair. The arrival of a powerful storm will begin to surface the fear of past memories and the inmates prepare for the storm’s final assault.
Will this storm be the cure that everyone is seeking or will it, on the other hand, bring the destruction that D anticipated?

Best Film. In The Palace Intl. FF, Bulgaria
Best Photography, Zaragoza Intl. FF

Official Selection:
San Francisco Shorts Film Festival
HollyShorts Film Festival in Hollywood
In The Palace Intl.Short FF, Bulgaria
Festival Internacional de Zaragoza
Newport Beach Film Festival, California
Riverside Intl. Film Festival, California
Cortocircuito Intl. FF

Julio Soto
Adriana Malfatti
The Thinklab
Supported by:
Ministerio de Cultura ICAA, Spain