Mr and Mrs. X have two kids, a dog and a wonderful house in the suburbs. They seem like the perfect couple. But there is a missing piece in this idyllic world: she doesn’t feel like doing it anymore. One day she gives in to his insistence, she promises that tomorrow night will be very special. And she is right, tomorrow night will be a very special night.

Official Selection:
Palm Springs International Film Festival
Festival Internacional de Florida. USA
FlickerFest Film Festival. Australia
Semana del Cortometraje, Comunidad de Madrid. Madrid, España.

Julio Soto
Adriana Malfatti
The Thinklab
Produced thanks to:
Ministerio de Cultura ICAA, Spain
Comunidad de Madrid
Tele5 (Italia) – Mediaset (Italia), SBS (Australia), Eurochannel (USA)