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The Thinklab Media is passionate about its work and committed to cultivating a dynamic environment where creativity thrives. This isn’t just a chance to work on great movies or tell stories. It’s your opportunity to bring imagination to life.

We currently do not have any open position but, if you are interested in working with us, just send us an email to


To make sure you’re included in the hiring process, please take note of the following:

  • Please send a mail to If you send it to another mail address (like info or a personal mail addresses) you will end up in the wrong inbox, a.k.a. outside of our hiring process.
  • In general it’s best to include a link to your portfolio in the e-mail. A link to an online portfolio is much better than attachments or -gasp- nothing at all! Your portfolio is the most important part of any application, so please don’t make us look for it.
  • While on the subject of portfolio: Keep it simple, and give us something to look at and play with. If you are a programmer, it’s best to post some working projects, not just code snippets. If you are an artist, showing the process of your work (including the end result) is a great way to stand out.
  • If you are not good at web design, it’s fine to use an online portfolio tool like DeviantArt or Behance. We’re not looking at your website, it’s about your work. Sometimes a fancy custom website simply gets in the way.
  • The toughest part is making a good selection of your work. In general, less is more: Throw out the crappy stuff. We’ll never know. 😉
  • Pro tip: Get feedback from your friends and family before applying – it can help a lot.
  • Please bear with us and be patient. We get a lot of applications, and it can take weeks for us to respond. We do look at everything, but unfortunately we can’t respond to everything.

Note for recruitment agencies: We do not accept unsolicited agency resumes via the jobs mailbox, phone or other channels. We only accept applications from actual people who actually want to work with us.