Inspector Sun and the curse of the Black Widow – The Thinklab

Inspector Sun and the curse of the Black Widow – The Thinklab


THEATRICAL RELEASE: 2022 (Worldwide)

GENRE : Animation, Family-Thriller


SYNOPSIS: Set in the 1930s on a luxury seaplane flying from Shanghai to San Francisco, in this sumptuous world, humans and insects co-exist. Humans travel in the cabin whilst the insects travel in great style below; to an insect, a Pan Am clipper is the size of the Titanic to a human. Spiders are the police in this vivid world and Inspector Sun is the most famous of them all. With a nod to the past movies of Charlie Chan and Agatha Christie, Inspector Sun is pitted once again against his nemesis, the Red Locust. Bankrupt millionaires, femmes fatales, hitmen and smugglers add to the mystery.

DIRECTED BY: Julio Soto Gúrpide
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Adriana Malfatti Chen
PRODUCERS: Adriana Malfatti Chen, Julio Soto, Karl Richards, Peter Rogers, Jason Kaminsky, Rocco Pucillo
ORIGINAL STORY BY: Rocco Pucillo SCREENPLAY winner of the 58th Samuel Goldwyn Award
CASTING: Ronny Chieng

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