Dacia – The Thinklab

Dacia – The Thinklab

DURATION : 52’ & 74’

YEAR: 2009

COUNTRY : Spain, Romania

SYNOPSIS: My Beautiful Dacia is a humorous essay on the Romania’s odyssey from communism to capitalism, told through the fortunes of the country’s iconic Dacia, a simple and discreet automobile, but also a mirror of Romanian society. The film follows several Romanians whose lives are interconnected by this humble car, thus showing the present transformation of Romanian society from past to present.

DIRECTED BY: Julio Soto & Stefan Constantinescu
PRODUCED BY: The Thinklab Media S.L. (Spain), Hi Film Productions (Romania)

Documentarist International Film Festival (Istambul, Turkey), TIFF Transylvania International Film Festival (Romania), Documenta Madrid Intl. Documentary FF (Madrid, Spain), Tempo Film Festival (Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm, Sweden),  ZagrebDOX (Zagreb, Croatia), Festival Internacional de Trieste (Trieste, Italy), Astra Film Festival (Sibiu, Romania), Montreal World Film Festival (Montreal, Canada).

Documenta Madrid Film Festival 2010, 2nd Jury Award.

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