Radiophobia – The Thinklab

Radiophobia – The Thinklab


YEAR: 2006

SYNOPSIS: Radiophobia examines the Chernobyl disaster and its consequences 20 years later from the perspective of a group of survivors and people who were on duty at the reactor on the fateful night. This is the first time that they have returned to the ‘Zone’ to reconcile their past with the ruins of the present.
A group of survivors return to Chernobyl’s radioactive zone to reconcile their past with the ruins of the present. In the zone, we will also meet many of its peculiar inhabitants.

DIRECTED BY: Julio Soto Gúrpide
PRODUCED BY: Julio Soto Gúrpide & Juan Dakas

BROADCASTERS: TVE (España), National Geographic, Aljazeera Intl., History Channel, DR2 (Dinamarca), MTV3 (Finlandia), 1+1 (Ucrania), PTS Taiwan, TVR (TV Nacional Rumania), Planete (Polonia), TV Barcelona.

ADWARDS: Premio del Público, Festival de Cine Punto de Vista de Pamplona. Premio de Oro XXIII Festival de Cine de Bogotá. Colombia. Mejor Documental. Nominado para los 2006 Hollywood Awards. Hollywood Film Festival, USA. Mejor Documental Festival de Cine de Castilla La Mancha. Premio Mejor Documental, Premio Diane Seligman 9th Brooklyn Intl Film Festival. Premio a la Excelencia Cinematográfica GFFS Intl Film Festival Seoul. Premio del Público Mejor Documental Documenta Madrid. Mejor Documental, Mejor Película del Festival, Mejor Cinematografía European Independent Film Festival.

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