Deep press release

The Thinklab is a film production and digital services company based in Madrid that specializes in creative film production and animation. Their most recent 3D animated feature film, “Deep” was sold worldwide and will have its US and world release in the second half of 2017.

Following Deep´s success, The Thinklab is currently working on a slate of high quality yet cost effective 3D animated feature films which will start production before 2018. “Evolution”, a screwball comedy featuring lots of funny furry creatures and humans, being the first of them, followed by a film noir set in the 1920s and a rock music comedy..

Recent works also include a life action feature political drama being shot at the moment entitled “Palestine”, “Fluffs” a 3D animated series for the Disney channel and “Dissection of a Storm” a short qualified for the 84th Oscars. Previous award-winning films and documentaries have been broadcast on Arte, National Geographic or History Channel to name a few.

The Thinklab is a creative lab where ideas are brought to life. We offer the following services:

Film production, co-production, financing, pitching and consulting
3D Animation, character design and concepts
Motion graphics and compositing
Special effects supervision
Creativity in all its forms, scriptwriting and TV contents